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Founded in 2014, El Cerrito is a cherished family-run wedding and event venue located on the Stanley family’s ranch, marking it as one of the finest destinations in East Texas for any occasion. Nestled amidst the region’s natural splendor, from expansive fields to breathtaking sunsets, it provides an idyllic setting for guests to forge unforgettable memories. 

Alice and Monty Stanley, both natives of East Texas, have made Longview their home for over three decades, raising their three sons there. The family, deeply connected to the land, engages in cattle farming and manages a white-tail deer operation, enriching the venue’s rustic charm. The Stanleys treasure the moments spent at El Cerrito and take pride in sharing the beauty and joy of their venue with the East Texas community.

- The Story of El Cerrito -

El Cerrito is Spanish for The Hill. In 2015 The building was designed and built by the owners Monty and Alice Stanley as a hunting lodge that sits atop a hill. Originally laid out for hunting, the design quickly shifted towards hosting events. The first event was booked and it has hosted hundreds of weddings and events ever since.

Parts of the ranch include a great-grandfather’s homestead in the late 1800s. Adjoining land was added through the years. We named it “The Walking 18 Ranch.” All three of our sons worked on the ranch growing up, attended school, and played baseball in Longview. Our sons wore the number 18 as  Longview Lobo baseball players. Our middle son Tato, was paralyzed in a snowboarding accident when he was 17. He began “Walking” at the age of “18”!

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